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Winkaffe Global Travel is a specialty travel company headquartered in Columbus, OH with affiliations across the globe. We help luxury travelers discover the hidden gems of the world by designing incredible, unique experiences that inspire, indulge, and invigorate. 

We craft each trip from scratch - we do not offer any set tours or itineraries. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an exhilarating hiking trip, a relaxing family vacation, or anything else, Winkaffe Global Travel will create a bespoke trip that is just for you, and is perfect down to the smallest details.  Our passion lies in crafting unique experiences, and off the beaten path adventures, but we’re equipped to meet everything from the simplest to the most complex desires. Our attention to detail, privileged access, creativity, and personalized service set us apart.

We have partnered with McCabe World Travel, one of the most respected names in luxury travel, and Virtuoso the leading luxury travel consortium, allowing us to provide you with an unmatched experience. Virtuoso is an invitation-only global network of 1,700 of the world’s best travel providers and premier destinations, specializing in luxury and experiential travel. By partnering with them, we gain access to exclusive deals and perks that are only accessible to travelers booking through a Virtuoso agent. As our client, you not only receive our expertise and crafting of customized bespoke travel, you will also receive complimentary value added amenities such as upgrades, breakfast, hotel credit, in addition to exclusive access to special values and offers, special events and VIP treatment.


Through our partnerships with McCabe and Virtuoso, and our network of experts around the globe, we can extend the highest level of intel, travel inspiration, insider benefits, and value for your investment.  We, and our partners, ensure that you have everything you need to experience all that your destination has to offer. From packing lists to ensure you are prepared, to activities to keep your kids entertained on the plane, to reservations at the romantic spot near your hotel, we take care of everything for you.  Our goal is to ensure that you experience original, unique, and personalized trips that leave you feeling pampered and happy.

Road Tripping

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Our Process



We will then guide you through our intake process, including a questionnaire to better assess your needs, and collecting the non-refundable trip planning fee.  This process will ensure that we have all the information necessary to plan the perfect trip for you! 

Traveling By Bus


Travel Stress Free!

Your final package comes with a full digital itinerary, in paper and mobile forms. Depart on your trip knowing that every element was hand-selected for you, and remember that we are on-hand throughout your trip for emergency and concierge support.

Traveling by Air


Free Consultation

Fill out our Free Consultation Request to help us get to know your travel needs.  We will then schedule a consultation phone call to learn more about you, answer any questions you may have, and start brainstorming.

Group of Friends


Collaborative Trip Design

We will begin by sending you personalized options based on your needs, wants and budget. We will collaborate together and continue refining it until we find the perfect destination(s), accommodation(s), and experience(s).

Why do we charge a fee?

We charge a small fee for our custom trip planning services.   Some travel advisors don't charge a fee, so why would you want to pay to use our services?  The short answer: We don’t have an incentive to pair you with accommodations and activities that benefit us, rather than you.  In other words, you can be confident that we work for you, not for ourselves.  Let us explain. ​

Compensation in the travel industry can work a couple different ways:

  1. Commission-based services

  2. Fee-based services

The travel agent gets paid in both scenarios, but fee-based services are far more transparent.

Travel Advisors who tell you that their services are complimentary to you are actually offering commission-based services.  While these advisors do not directly charge you a fee for your services, they still get compensated through commissions.  In order to get these commissions, they need to book you with vendors that offer commission payouts, which eliminates some options that could be a good fit for you.  Because not all commissions are created equal, they will also try to steer you towards hotels, tour companies, and other vendors that will pay them a higher commission.  In the end, you may actually end up spending more money for a trip that isn’t geared to your needs.

Since we operate a fee-based service, we are not limited to recommending vendors with high commissions, or even commissions at all.  Our trip planning fee allows us to get paid no matter what, so we are free to focus on getting you the best fit and the best value for your trip.  In addition, your fee doesn’t just cover planning.  Our services also include any necessary revisions to your itinerary as well as emergency and concierge support when you are on your trip.  To be sure, some vendors that we choose may pay a commission, but we do not seek them out. We choose these vendors because they are the best fit for you, and do not count on vendor commissions to be compensated for our work. In the end, you will likely end up spending less money overall than if you booked with a "free" commission-based advisor.